Google poly api for Unity
Monday, December 4, 2017 at 9:29PM
Matthew Seydel Connors in 3d modeling, Digital Art, Google, Google Blocks, UX, Unity, VR, augmented reality

I had tried the download from the web and import option for Blocks before to Modo and Unity, and it seemed pretty clunky, not offense to the Google VR team, I just saw this as part of the workflow that would sit on the backlog. I have been doing 3d long enough that I just assumed that due to how new the Google Blocks and Poly tools are, that we'd have to wait a while to really see the next stage in the evolution - where we could create and edit in VR, then drop directly into an engine to move the ball forward. But here it is, nested right inside Unity! Granted, there is no scaling to speak of, and the meshes are combined into odd groupings, but the colors are there, and it's a good representation of the models. 

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