iPhone Videos - Brushes


Matthew Seydel Connors has been preoccupied with drawing since childhood, equally fascinated by the sources of reality and the imagination. Initially pursuing a science path in education, Matt forged a trail back to art, and graduated from Penn State University with a BA in Drawing and Painting. Matt’s career as an artist has spanned analog and digital fine art, freelance illustration and desktop publishing; he has worked for over a decade as a retoucher and CGI artist at a mulitinational printer. That early training in science and technology has never been far from Matt’s heart, and he has been engaged in digital workflows and techniques on the Mac desktop for nearly two decades. The advent of digital painting in a mobile form is a medium that has been a perfect fit that Matt is eager to explore further.

Matt honors his mother Ann, who passed away in 2009, by using her maiden name - also his middle name, Seydel , on his artwork - a habit that started with his first charcoal drawing decades ago.