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Google Blocks, Back onto Robots

No apologies, but it's been a pretty busy time, with the move to Sweden in the spring, and my computer was in mothballs on a ship for a really long time. Then no internet for a bit except for at work...but I am coming across a bit like Job here. It's kind of the opposite, as I feel like there need to be times that you can rest for a bit, relax and experience life for a bit before diving back into creating again. 

Why not start with a simple bot again, made in my favorite tool, Google Blocks in VR?

This new robot, Gustav, seemed to be in need of a story. He's lost his little pet, Fritz, who is always disappearing to find new and interesting food in the city. Fritz can sense when Gustav is near, though...

 Let's make it two of them, for good measure.


Chain of Command

Due to prep for the upcoming baby, my time allotted for painting has been fairly small. But the thought of the potential changes to the pecking order around the house gave way to a slightly darker tone on this quick procedural drawing. I have been focusing more on my color palette over the last few paintings, to really trim it down to just a few colors that will represent the mood. 

After I finished the piece, I remembered that Procreate has a built-in feature to allow you to export the video. I like this much better than the function of some other apps, like SketchbookPro and Sketchclub, where you actively need to 'turn on' the recording, but the quality of the capture is a little lacking...