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Mischief UX Self Portrait 2017

As a first step in an overhaul of my portfolio and website, I wanted to create a unified graphic that represents who I am as a designer- a little bit of history, but also a visual description about the areas where I am the strongest or have the greatest interest. Since the last few years have involved non-traditional interfaces and UX design- Kinect apps, Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality as well as touch interactive and 'traditional' digitial design for web and print, I decided my approach needed to be on the whimsical side to fit it all in...Though I needed to do a little bit of finishing in Photoshop, almost all of the linework and color was done in Mischief, which has really become my go-to application for drawing and quick sketches. 



Overlay updates for Skillshare Photoshop class

Some of the feedback that I have received from my Photoshop class on the basics of opening and editing an image in Photoshop talked about my fairly Mac-centric shortcuts. It's true that I have been working mostly on the Mac for a long time, but that's really no reaosn to leave others out in the cold. I'll make the overlays in Photoshop and build out to Final Cut.


Verge video about Squarespace

Since I am using Squarespace right now, I am biased, but I enjoyed this video interview with the service's founder. The discussion on team building, and knowing what to look for in leaders I found refreshing. We have this idea that successful companies do most things right; but that is usually because they have the ability to improve after they fail.