iPhone Videos - Brushes

3d App Icon Template

Warming up a Maya scene at this stage, as I know I need to make some redesigns for iOS8...and that shape is still underway, so I have a placeholder for now to get the lighting down for a 3d template for future icons.

My aim is to build a setup with 3 lights and 3 cameras, where the front camera will be the actual app icon. 

While I realize that the trend has been for icons to become flatter, build them in 3d gives them a throwback

feel that I can't help digging...

The most recent update modifies the format to represent the cleaner rounded edges of iOS8, with a less 3d 

perspective to represesent the 'app state' of an icon. 


GIFs for retouched images and wireframes

working on a very simple test of retouched images in a GIF format for presentations. It needs a transition back state...but it made me think that I may have some other uses for GIFs in my portfolio:


Modo 801 testing 

Though the rest of the world is going crazy over whatever Apple may be saying on the keynote tonight, I am knee-deep in learning a new piece of 3d software, Modo. I was really on the fence when the Foundry purchased Modo, as I felt like 3d software keeps getting gobbled up by huge companies, but I was pretty impressed with what I had seen out of Modo, and the 801 updates looked very strong...especially in modeling and rendering. It's been a few years since I learned a new 3d package, and it was time- I find it to be a great way to evaluate your own status quo in terms of working methods, and to see whether you can make your life a little easier. Modo feels uncannily familiar, enough like Maya that I can navigate around, but a bit easier to get up and running. It seems like 3d beginners will have a much easier time with Modo.



Overlay updates for Skillshare Photoshop class

Some of the feedback that I have received from my Photoshop class on the basics of opening and editing an image in Photoshop talked about my fairly Mac-centric shortcuts. It's true that I have been working mostly on the Mac for a long time, but that's really no reaosn to leave others out in the cold. I'll make the overlays in Photoshop and build out to Final Cut.


Photoshop CS 2014 Blur Gallery

As I dive into using Photoshop CS 2014 in production on images and CG content, one of my favorite features is the Blur Gallery. I say that with full disclosure, aware that I dissed it when I first started using CS 2014. Why it's become such a staple is Field Blur, which simulates a depth of field effect in a very simple and effective way...my only mild gripe is that somethime you need to manually ease the edges of the primary point of focus. Below I used it on a quick bevel test of a 3d logo: