iPhone Videos - Brushes

'Long Haul' and Vue demo

I was working on a project, making terrain with Mudbox and ran into some

roadblocks, so Idecided to take another look at Vue in a Demo of Vue Studio.

It had been a few years since I had used Vue, and I was very surprised with

how easy it was to set up and edit a scene. 

I thought that I would make the scene a little more populated with a few trees, and a lopoly truck

I rendered the scene at iPad resolution sothat I could make further edits in Procreate to add more of a

painted look...



Long Haul


'Unfinished Business' painted on an iPad Mini retina with Procreate

Feels like I am back to the well again using procedural drawing tools as a jumping-off point, but it's just so darned much fun that I can't see letting go of the trend too soon. 


'Border Patrol' painted on an iPad Mini Retina with Procreate

This feels like a reference o something that I've seen before- I need to dig, as I think it's reminiscent of a Jeff Soto image that I really love...I had a sketch that I was working from, the rest was built in Procreate. 


'Lost', painted on an iPad mini retina with Procreate

Qvik sketch is an app that I am getting some decent mileage out of, as I tend to just experiment with about 8-10 quick thumbnails at a time, then take a look at them later when I have more time to spend on development. the reality is that most of them end up in my trash can on the iPad, but a few have been spun into some interesting drawings. The cyclops is a theme that I have been drawing since probably the early 1990s; one of these days I will track them all down in a series. 

 see video here


Chain of Command

Due to prep for the upcoming baby, my time allotted for painting has been fairly small. But the thought of the potential changes to the pecking order around the house gave way to a slightly darker tone on this quick procedural drawing. I have been focusing more on my color palette over the last few paintings, to really trim it down to just a few colors that will represent the mood. 

After I finished the piece, I remembered that Procreate has a built-in feature to allow you to export the video. I like this much better than the function of some other apps, like SketchbookPro and Sketchclub, where you actively need to 'turn on' the recording, but the quality of the capture is a little lacking...