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'Border Patrol' painted on an iPad Mini Retina with Procreate

This feels like a reference o something that I've seen before- I need to dig, as I think it's reminiscent of a Jeff Soto image that I really love...I had a sketch that I was working from, the rest was built in Procreate. 


'Lost', painted on an iPad mini retina with Procreate

Qvik sketch is an app that I am getting some decent mileage out of, as I tend to just experiment with about 8-10 quick thumbnails at a time, then take a look at them later when I have more time to spend on development. the reality is that most of them end up in my trash can on the iPad, but a few have been spun into some interesting drawings. The cyclops is a theme that I have been drawing since probably the early 1990s; one of these days I will track them all down in a series. 

 see video here


Chain of Command

Due to prep for the upcoming baby, my time allotted for painting has been fairly small. But the thought of the potential changes to the pecking order around the house gave way to a slightly darker tone on this quick procedural drawing. I have been focusing more on my color palette over the last few paintings, to really trim it down to just a few colors that will represent the mood. 

After I finished the piece, I remembered that Procreate has a built-in feature to allow you to export the video. I like this much better than the function of some other apps, like SketchbookPro and Sketchclub, where you actively need to 'turn on' the recording, but the quality of the capture is a little lacking...


Digging into Configurator for Photoshop

Coming back to retouching and image editing after a few years putting together components for mobile apps, I find that my approach is just not what it used to be. Though I still want to make the best possible edits, I am sort of obsessed with trying to streamline the process as much as I can- through droplets, actions, scripts, and the interface. I had admittedly forgotten about the handy little tool called Configurator, but am now having quite a bit of fun with it to try to make a more streamlined PS kit for retouching.

My custom icons are still a little rough around the edges here, but I want to take most of the pulldown menu items and put then in the main panel, though just a bit larger than the rest of the standard PS tools. While making icons for Augmented Reality mobile apps in past months, I seldom needed to make more than a few buttons, so this is a great exercise to push myself a little further. 


Good Things Come in Small Packages Nomad Contest

The team at Nomad Brush was kind enough to ask me to test-drive their new Mini 2 retractable brush, and make a piece of art for their new themed content. Though the competition is pretty stiff, I think I have a chance at this! If you like my illustration, 'Small Wonder', please vote for me here.